2017-18 WCHA Week 12 BELOW

2017-18 Week 12 BELOW

TeamBELOWExpWin%+/-Points (Max)
8-MSU169275%+1242 (72)
4-BGSU165271%+2834 (70)
3-BSU160765%+2130 (66)
9-NMU159263%031 (67)
7-MTU154957%028 (58)
5-FSU144342%-2819 (55)
2-UAF143140%-1020 (56)
0-UAH142640%+1021 (51)
6-LSSU134729%-2112 (48)
1-UAA132427%-129 (51)
Above are the 2017-18 BELOW rankings after Week 12 of WCHA conference play (82 of 140 games played).

As I mentioned on Twitter, the league has gone from a 3-4-3 setup to a 4-1-3-2 setup.  Also, as someone wisely pointed out to me last year, 47 points guarantees you a playoff spot.  Yes, Minnesota State can clinch a playoff spot with two wins this weekend, as long as at least one of them comes in the first 65:00 of play.

I got really close to having series-by-series forecasts last week — actually, I had them done, and then SCIENCE! intervened.  I make no promises about this week, but I will try.