2017 WCHA Broadmoor Trophy Projections

Standard ABOVE

  • Michigan Tech: 62% of the time
  • Bowling Green: 38% of the time

Best-Worst Randomization

  • Michigan Tech: 65% of the time
  • Bowling Green: 35% of the time

I’ve been doing ABOVE projections with a randomizing element since late January.  The reason for this is pretty basic: if you want to test that an estimate is right, you can use a group of estimates clustered around a single estimate and see if any of them are right or wrong.  I’ve been using a randomization band of +/- 40, so in a case where I ran 81,000 cases (I run 100,000 to 1,000,000 based on how many games I’m estimating), I’d expect to see around 1,000 uses of each BELOW input.

That first estimate is the randomized BELOW estimate churned through the ABOVE calculation 1,000,000 times.  Coming into the final, Michigan Tech is at BELOW 1701 and Bowling Green is at 1617, its highest mark in 2016-17.  As a result, we could have a matchup of MTU 1741, BGSU 1577; in that matchup, Michigan Tech would be picked to win 72% of the time.  We could also see MTU 1661, BGSU 1657, and that’s a dead heat.

When I noticed that BGSU was at its best mark of the year, I decided to additionally randomize between the best and worst marks for each team.  MTU has been as high as 1739 and as low as 1586; BGSU is at 1617 now and was as low as 1479.  This gives us a band of 54% BGSU favored to 82% MTU.  Throw that in the wash and you get that second pair of numbers.

Which is better?  It’s a single game.  BG fans will probably rib me if their team wins on Saturday.  MTU fans will probably accuse me of jinxing them.  I’ll probably be frustrated either way, but it’s a certainty that I’ll be back next year.

[Go Tech]

Ed.: Post updated to fix the date of the final game.