2016-17 WCHA Final Playoff Projections

Bemidji State1 - 100%
Michigan Tech2 - 100 %
Minnesota State3 - 100 %
Bowling Green4 - 65.91%5 - 34.09%
Ferris State4 - 34.09%5 - 65.91%
Alaska6 - 100%
Lake Superior7 - 84.25%8 - 14.60%9 - 1.16%
Northern Michigan7 - 14.60%8 - 53.85%9 - 31.56%
Alabama-Huntsville7 - 1.16%8 - 31.56%9 - 67.29%
Alaska-Anchorage10 - 100%

I’d like to thank the league for putting out a press release so I didn’t have to work on this at work, and I’d like to thank the teams for making it easy on me — we know half of the results already.  Here’s what’s left:

  1. Bowling Green and Ferris State are tied at 41 points, and the Falcons own the tiebreaker.
  2. Lake Superior is at 8-3-3-13/33, Northern Michigan is at 9-1-2-15/31, and Alabama-Huntsville is at 9-0-3-15/30.
  3. Lake Superior makes the playoffs as the 7th seed if they get a win tonight in regulation or overtime.  They also get 7th as long as they have more points than Northern Michigan, who wins at B.
  4. Northern Michigan makes the playoffs at the 7th seed if they pass or equal Lake Superior in the standings unless Alabama-Huntsville  ties the two at 33, which takes the Lakers losing and Northern winning in 3×3 or the shootout and the Chargers winning over Bowling Green.
  5. Lake Superior finishes in 8th if Northern passes or ties them without Huntsville doing the same.  UAH winning the three-way tiebreaker is the only way that LSSU misses the playoffs.
  6. Northern Michigan finishes in 8th anytime they stay ahead of Huntsville but don’t pass Lake State.
  7. The NMU-UAH tiebreaker is fun: at 33, UAH wins at B; at 32, at D; at 31, at C.  That’s just wacky.