I didn’t do too badly

From way back around Valentine’s Day:


The real standings (big misses in boldface type):

  1. Minnesota State: 21-4-3 (45)
  2. Michigan Tech: 21-5-2 (44)
  3. Bowling Green: 17-8-3 (37)
  4. Bemidji State: 12-11-5 (29)
  5. Ferris State: 13-14-1 (27)
  6. Northern Michigan: 11-13-4 (26)
  7. Alabama-Huntsville: 7-20-1 (15)
  8. Lake Superior: 7-20-1 (15) [lost tiebreaker to UAH]
  9. Alaska-Anchorage: 5-21-2 (12)

I also missed Alaska — 14-12-2 (30) — big-time.  In short, I didn’t see a fade by BG, a blistering finish by a Nanook squad that was in the doldrums a month ago, and I was off on Ferris by two wins.  With everyone else, I was within a win or so of the final rankings.

I could have done a scenario of how many times I got X record or Y standings breakdown.  Hopefully I can pull that off for next year.

My predictions for the postseason is that the first round goes chalk, Bemidji upsets Mankato and Tech in the tournament, and maybe BG squeaks in as a third at-large bid for the WCHA.

Until next year!

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